John 1-7: Notes From June 21st, 2012

Main Thesis Statement:
John is written as a testimony of Jesus’ divinity and miraculous works so that those who believe may have life.


John 1:
Jesus is:
– the word became flesh
– God as man to save world
– unrecognized yet proved and chosen
– in the beginning
– greater than John
– realization of grace and truth
Emily: “Jesus was the word who came as God’s something to save the world by revealing grace and truth to man to yeah yeah.”
Jared W.: “Jesus is revealed as God by John the baptist unrecognized by man, yet proven and chosen by his miracles…yeah, let’s add that one.”

John the Baptist reveals Jesus as the son of God, the Word in flesh, chosen to reveal grace and truth through his teaching and miracles.

John 2:

– Jesus’ Authority

– Righteous anger

– Disciples remembering Him

– Christ’s omnipotence (2:24-25)

– Born Supremacy

– Foreshadowing Jesus as Messiah

Keith: “Jesus proves his Deity”

Jesus evidences his coming death and resurrection as Messiah by performing the miracle at Cana and demonstrating his intolerance of the temple’s desecrators.

John 3:

– New Birth

– The importance of a true, saving faith

– An inverse relationship with Christ; “He must increase, but I must decrease” (3:30).

God is:
– loving
– Fatherly
Jesus is:
– The Show Star
– the Judge? (5:22?)
Characteristics of man:
– thinking very literally instead of thinking symbolically (Nicodemus and literal rebirth)
– man seeks his own glory (Jesus baptizes people and John’s disciples ask if that’s okay)
– man loves darkness (v. 19)
Jeff: “Eternal life comes from being born again by the spirit through belief in the son, being called out of darkness into light.

John 4:

– Jesus goes to Galilee/Samaria

– theme of satiation (true food/drink)

– evangelism

– loving the unloved

– divine timing

– worship

Characteristics of God:
– compassionate
– eternal (4:13-14)
– radical (Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman, by herself, married many times)
– omniscient
– truth
Characteristics of man:
– temporary
– thirsty/hungry
– lacking faith
– segregated
– dependent
Jesus’ love for the Samaritan woman sets him apart from the world, which is why His sustenance is also everlasting and not of this world.

John 5:
– God’s authority
– Jesus’ equality with God
– love
– mercy on the lowly to glorify Himself

Important Verses:
– 5:18 (equality with God)
– 5:19 (the Son is dependent on the Father)
– v. 46, 24, 25, 38
Characteristics of God:
– Jesus’ equality with God
– Jesus’ submission to God, the Father
– hardworking (v. 17)
– radical (working on the Sabbath)
– compassionate
– divine
Characteristics of Man:
– corrupt
– legalistic
– ungrateful
Jesus proves his equality with God by healing the paralytic at Bethesda, thought his divinity is evidenced later through the testimonies of John, other miraculous works, the Father, and Scripture.

John 6:
– Satiation!
– straight & narrow path
– Jesus is the true bread
– Jesus offers greater satiation, but many leave
Important Verses:
– 6:27
– 6:34

– 6:35

– 6:47

– 6:51

– 6:63-64

– 6:68
Characteristics of God:
– provider
– Water/Spirit bender (“Jesus is the Avatar” — Alex Chiang)
– Jesus is the portal through which we come to know God, the Father
Characteristics of Man:
– superficial, shallow
– fickle
– dependence on Christ (v. 68)
– “…one of you is of the devil” (John 6:70)
– pleasure seekers
Jesus offers a greater satisfaction than physical food and water, but the people reject Him.

John 7:

– Jesus’ time has not yet come

– the people are divided over Jesus’ teaching

Important Verses:
– 7:7
– 7:30
– 7:33-34
– 7:46
Characteristics of God:
– Jesus is divisive
– Jesus knows God’s timing
Characteristics of Man:
– panicky (accused Him of having a demon because things were foreign)
– don’t think for themselves (7:26); looking only to authorities
– hypocrisy of mankind (7:23-24)
– man is divided
– physically minded instead of physically minded
Emily: “Jesus came to earth with authority from the Father only to return back to Heaven, but promises the Holy Spirit.”


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