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John 1-7: Notes From June 21st, 2012

Main Thesis Statement: John is written as a testimony of Jesus’ divinity and miraculous works so that those who believe may have life. ——————– John 1: Jesus is: – the word became flesh – God as man to save world – unrecognized yet proved and chosen – in the beginning – greater than John – […]

Romans 1-5: Notes from August 2nd, 2012

Romans 1 1. v. 26: Is there any hope for those who are “given up” to their sin? -v. 22, 23: literal idols or just idols in general? -v. 18 who are the people God “gave up”?  The unrighteous.  Christians who follow the Lord are clothed in righteousness and are therefore exempt from God’s wrath […]

Romans 1-8: Notes from July 19th, 2012

Romans 1 1. Key ideas and themes – Paul admonishes sinners – The righteous live by faith – All are under the wrath of God – v. 16: Paul is unashamed of the Gospel – encouraging 2. Characteristics of God vs. Man Character of God Character of Man – sovereign (v. 28) – Just (v. […]